Iron County

Human Services Department & Associates

To Report Abuse or Neglect


715-561-3636 between 8am and 4pm and speak with the front office



after hours or weekends for the sheriff's department

ADRC of the North Call Center


Economic Support Services


Adult Services

Iron County Human Services offers many different programs and services for adults in our community ranging from comprehensive long-term care programs for elderly adults, to connecting disabled adults and their families with other resources in our community. The best way to find

Regional Mental Health Crisis Hotline

Available 24/7


out how we can help you is to call 1-866-663-3607 to speak with one of our case managers or to schedule an appointment in our office.

We also provide adult protective services to at-risk and elderly adults in our community. To request an investigation of a potential adult at risk or elder at risk, contact Human Services at 715-561-3636 and speak to the front office. If after hours, please call the Iron County Sheriff’s Department at 715-561-3800 and they will contact the on call worker.

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